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Avoid the temptation of pricy food purchases.
Simply pack and carry a nutritious meal with our Bentostyle 3 compartment design recommended by a nutritionist.
Keep your food warm or cold with fashionable insulated sleeves.
Secure your pack with our snap lids and zipper closure.

So… go ahead and flaunt your lunch pack!

Our insulated sleeves are sold separately so you can pick and choose your next personal style.
Choose to style- up- your lunch with our fashionable sleeves


  • Divided Lunch box and snap lid (9½L x 7½W x 2/35.5 oz./1.05 L/ 4.4 cup)
  • Neoprene (the wetsuit material) insulated cover
  • Zipper closure


  • Stain resistant / wash and rinse neoprene insulated cover
  • 3 section divided box
  • Sleeves come in different styles and designs
  • Zipper closure protects food items from spills
  • Made with foodsafe materials

All our lunch kits are easy to clean, freeze and microwave safe and BPA- Free